Accessible, low-cost, highly resilient IP services for video professionals

IPCAST aims to provide accessible, low-cost and highly resilient IP network services to video professionals: broadcasters, service providers, sports rights agency producers, sports federations, mobile operators.

The objective of this project is to implement the main features of the proposed solution in order to demonstrate its feasibility through a proof of concept (PoC) with potential customers. The project will allow IPCAST to showcase the capabilities of the service and gather initial feedback from users in order to further develop the minimum viable product.

The main objective is to prove that the business idea is really practical, useful and commercially viable; and to provide proof to future customers and investors that the product is worth investing in. The following demonstration objectives were identified as critical to generating customer interest in the solution:

– High reliability
– High quality video
– Low latency

The ultimate goal is to convincingly demonstrate that the solution is adaptable to specific customer service cases and operational needs, and that it is capable of providing the best possible compromise in predictable or unpredictable situations.