Add image decoding to your mobile applications!

SmartID Scan is a set of optical decoders dedicated to mobile devices. Thanks to them, a smartphone can read: one-dimensional barcodes such as on consumer products, two-dimensional barcodes or QR-Codes, car license plates, ID cards, passports, driving licences as well as payment slips and QR-Bills. Use the power of our decoders and easily add them to your mobile applications.

Barcode and QR-Code decoder

License plate decoder

Identity document decoder

Payment slip decoder

Our decoders are :

  • Easy to integrate : Can be seamlessly integrated into your existing application with a few lines of code. A simple API and clear documentation allow your developers to add amazing OCR capabilities to your applications.
  • Fast and reliable : Our libraries have been carefully developed in native C++ to ensure the best performance and carefully profiled to minimise memory load. Our libraries have already been successfully integrated into successful applications.
  • Tailored to your needs : We have a diverse set of decoders that are just waiting to be developed. Do not hesitate to contact us to develop the next decoder that fits your specific needs!

We make your decoder to measure

We have a varied set of decoders that are just waiting to be added to. Please contact us to develop the next decoder that will perfectly meet your specific needs.

Online support and documentation

You can access our online documentation via the following link:

Download and test our decoders for free!

The “Vision Explorer” application showcases the power of the computer vision algorithms we have developed.