Breitling connected watches

After having developed three applications for connected watches, the Icare Institute devoted itself in 2019 to their evolution. This partnership with Breitling and Soprod in Sion reflects above all a contract of trust based on innovation. Since their launch in 2015, the three mobile applications dedicated to aviation, automotive and sailing watches have been downloaded thousands of times worldwide. A pleasing success, the result of a long-lasting and pioneering relationship with an iconic luxury watch brand. Breitling’s connected watches, whose software was developed by Icare, were the very first to be stamped “made in Switzerland” with the release of the Exos-pace B55 model. They demonstrate the Institute’s ability to work with a high-level industrial partner, while integrating and coordinating the skills of several players. What does the connected watch do? In aviation, for example, a single click provides information on taxi time, take-off time, flight time and landing time. This is a valuable aid for the pilot and saves time when filling out the regulatory flight log. All data can be retrieved, viewed and shared. The watch can also vibrate or ring on demand. All functions, including updates, can be controlled via the mobile application, using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication protocol implemented by the Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie in Sion.