License plate decoder


The plate number identifies a car in a unique way. Parking can be easily managed with a defined list of permitted and prohibited cars. This can facilitate access to an event or permission to park in an area. It can also help to pre-fill a form in the field, such as an accident report.


  • Our license plate decoder is currently capable of scanning plates from 26 European countries.
  • For most countries, we support the common EU number plate format as defined by Council Regulation (EC) No 2411/98 of 03.11.1998.
  • For Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we support the standard rectangular and square format.
  • If you are interested in other countries that are not yet included in the application, please contact us. We can extend the range of our supported number plates


  • Get the canton and plate number
  • Developed in native C++ for robust, fast and thread-safe integration.
  • Carefully tested and profiled to ensure low memory pressure and best performance
  • Works on all major mobile platforms

Areas of application

  • ANPR
  • Parking management
  • Police application

Online support and documentation

You can access our online documentation via the following link:

Try our demo application

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