Real-time visualization of the activity of an electrical installation

For Studer Innotec customers, remote monitoring of photovoltaic installations is essential today. It allows you to understand what is happening in your installation in order to optimize its operation and finally to perpetuate the investments. It is also a valuable knowledge base on the actual use of the installation and also an element
important in the after-sales service of energy systems.

In this context, the Icare Institute has developed the Studer Easy Monitoring application for iOS and Android using the Xamarin cross-platform framework. In production since the end of 2019, the application offers a real-time visualization on the activity of a facility, it is thus possible to find :

– the instantaneous energy flows in the system,
– the battery status and energy of the current day.
– Historical data, such as daily power and energy of solar production, total consumption and consumption from the grid or from a generator, are presented in graphical form.

In addition, the user can be warned through various messages and alerts on all the events of an installation and thus anticipate problems.

After 3 years of operation, Studer-Innotec called upon the Icare Institute in order to develop the application as closely as possible to the needs of the market. Various improvements have been proposed to the customers of the sédunois-based company.