Simplified order taking for people with intellectual disabilities

The “Matigny Boutique Hotel” welcomes people with mental disabilities for professional activities, such as taking orders in the restaurant and serving at the table. These users are confronted with different cognitive and memory problems, which can make this type of activity difficult, thus requiring the active supervision of a socio-professional master.

This project consisted in the creation of a simplified mobile application for the iPhone, allowing the taking of an order through a succession of simple steps, such as the selection of the table, then the selection of the stage (e.g. aperitif, meal, etc.), then the products desired by the customer. For more direct access to information and to reduce the cognitive load of the user, pictograms, photos and numbers represent the different products, which can be selected on the screen. Once the order is completed, it is automatically routed via the cash management system, for transmission of the order to the kitchen or for final billing. This project has enabled the majority of users to become more independent.