The application that accompanies guests throughout their stay

Manage your entire stay and have access to all the experiences of a tourist resort via a single mobile application: the integrated digitalization system, initially created by Icare for Vercorin and then for Zinal, has been extended to Meiringen in 2019.
In the tourism sector, it is vital to move from a construction-based business model to an operation-based business model. Digitalisation is one of the ways to make this shift. Under the impetus of an Innotour project, Icare has developed an approach for SwissPeak Resorts that allows all local service providers to be integrated into a single value chain and business model. In this open system, it is also possible to integrate local “experience providers”. In concrete terms, the Icare team, with the support of leading companies such as Interhome and SKIDATA, has created a mobile application for the client and a management platform for the administrators: an integrated information system that allows the management of a tourist residence and the administration of the experience offers proposed by local partners. The customer can prepare his or her stay in advance (hotel check-in) and purchase products and services in the destination (lift pass, ski equipment rental, paragliding flight, breakfast, etc.). The application also serves as a means of communication between residents and operators, through targeted push notifications.