Writing aid software for dysorthographic children

Phonowriter is a writing aid for “dys” children, more particularly dysorthographics, dyslexics and/or dysgraphics. It combines simple word prediction features with complex, innovative and novel algorithms based on artificial intelligence to facilitate text writing.

The power of the software lies in the integration of the results of 6 prediction engines: classical, pictographic, phonetic, fuzzy, sentence and next word.

This project, carried out by the Icare research institute, in collaboration with the Jean-Claude Gabus association, is financially supported by 3 private foundations as well as the federal office of equality for the disabled.

Field tests with end-users are conducted in parallel with the development in the cantons of Valais, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Fribourg, to ensure that the software remains compatible with the school measures in force.

Go to the association’s website Jean-Claude Gabus, for more information on this solution.