Assisted text simplification

Subproject 1 (SP1) of the IICT Flagship concerns the simplification of texts. To achieve this goal, a set of computer techniques are used to reduce the complexity and length of a text while maintaining its meaning and relevance. They are used to improve the readability and comprehension of a text, by people who do not have a good command of the language (mentally handicapped, children, allophones, etc.).

These simplifications can be achieved through rules and algorithms that analyze the text and look for ways to simplify it.

The Icare Institute is involved in this research project, more specifically for the implementation of a system of rules, allowing the end user to identify his bad writing practices, in relation to the rules, of the simplified language and to receive proposals for improvements and alternatives, which will allow to alleviate this simplification process.

This work is carried out jointly with our Austrian partner “capito” and the University of Zurich. The latter is involved in the automatic text simplification approach, complementary to our approach.


Flagship Innosuisse PFFS-21-47: Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies