Race Safety & Management Tool

R&D Cycling has identified, in its role as organiser and consultant, a market opportunity for safety management software for sporting events using public roads (cycle races, pedestrian races, car rallies, etc.).

For this type of event, a police authorisation is required and the organiser must produce a safety file. This file must document all the key points of the course (roundabouts, crossroads) and the measures planned (placing of banners, commitment of staff, closure of the road by the police, etc.).

The Barry – Race Safety & Management Tool platform aims to facilitate the production, updating and sharing of this safety file. Organisers are expected to save time and have greater flexibility in adapting their routes. R&D Cycling estimates that, for a 150km race, the 10 days of work currently required could be reduced to 2 days.
The fully integrated approach of the platform will also facilitate the management of the equipment and its dispatching during the assembly and disassembly of the course.

Protoype Cross Platform

In order to meet the flexibility requirements of such a system, the engineers at Icare Institute looked at cross-platform technologies (Ionic), paying particular attention to the user experience (UX) in order to offer an adapted use (on the move / in the office).

The software can be used on the move on a tablet and the further management and administration of the courses is done seamlessly within the same tool.
In addition to the possibility of using the solution on several platforms, the proposed solution will lighten the maintenance and transfer of skills at R&D Cycling, a transfer to industry that is always dear to the Icare Institute.

The use of the latest generation of cross-platform technology posed numerous challenges (geo-referencing, cartographic management, camera interface) that the institute’s engineers were able to meet thanks to their expertise in the field. Agile project management and an iterative development approach enabled the creation of a functional prototype capable of interfacing with other systems (monitoring and management of intervention teams during the event).