The digital transformation of the aluminum value chain

Industry 4.0, with its digitalization of manufacturing processes, is transforming the shop floor environment into a space for human-machine cooperation. However, we must not stop there, everyone along the value chain must participate and must benefit. Current Industry 4.0 efforts focus on digitization within a single company. DigitALU aims to go further for the aluminum sector.

The main link between all the actors of a commercial chain is the physical product itself. So, to ensure that all these players embrace digitalization, it seems logical to build it into the products. The innovation project

DigitALU aims at the digital augmentation of aluminum plates, in order to circulate information throughout the life cycle of the alloys. Thus, DigitalALU is expected to trigger a true digital transformation of the aluminum plate market.

Within the framework of this Innosuisse project, carried out in partnership with Constellium Valais SA, the Smart Process Lab and the Institute of Management Informatics of the HES-SO Valais, the Icare Institute is putting its skills in computer vision and software development to good use in the creation of web and mobile applications that will support the new work processes and customer relations